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Yogyakarta tour Various cultural and natural

Attractions in Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta is the best education in Indonesia. One of the cities with special autonomy maintained by the Governor of Yogyakarta. The leader of the Yogyakarta is a Kingdom that existed in the Palace.

The system's attempt in Yogyakarta is one of various tires good democratic system in Indonesia. Independence as a city that manages all planning and budget gives him a pretty good impact on increasing revenues and tourism areas.

Yogyakarta is one of the main destination both local and foreign tourists. Many destinations that can be targeted by starting from the beach up to the tourist destinations of history.

If you want to walk and go make sure you enough time to finish it, otherwise it will be too bad because a lot of interesting things in Yogyakarta. Under the following will we pass on some of the interesting places as a tourist destination is around Jogjakarta.

Yogyakarta tour Historical and cultural tours.

There are many interesting places you can visit the actual range of historical sights are available there in Indonesia. A lot of the discovery of artifacts and relics from a few hundred years ago that to this day still nice well maintained.

Tours the Prambanan Temple is one of the tours that you can visit Prambanan Temple, was founded the 18th century. There is an interesting myth of the founding of the Prambanan Temple, myths that developed in the community was established in the Temple of time instant i.e. within 1 night.

Beringharjo shopping tour.

If you want shopping a range of results from local culture in particular results from people. You can pay a visit to Beringharjo market, this market is one of the shopping malls in Yogyakarta.

Many are available in shopping malls, could get a lot of accessories, clothing, hawker food. Your shopping cravings will be tersalurkan here.

Tugu Monument.

Tugu Jogja is one of the iconic places in Yogyakarta, I can become a very swafoto place is very interesting. You can capture your keepsakes.

Tour Fort vredeburg in yogyakarta.

This castle is one of the witnesses of the colonial history of the Netherlands, the fortress that stood firm and upright it become witnesses of colonialism at the time. Until now, the Fort was left and became one of the many educational tourism destination by the locals.

Smart Garden Tours.

As the city of Yogyakarta to manage Education and has an educational tours, called Taman Pintar. Here you can get a wide variety of interesting experience, an unusual pattern of education.

Smart garden devoted to the public could also group of students to enjoy education and experience in the history of education in Indonesia. Many of the facilities already equipped in Yogyakarta such as Smart garden foodcourt, audio visual room, a playground, and a meeting room that can be used for discussion or seminar.

Yogyakarta tour  A White Sand Beach.

This beach is one of the many beach destination by travelers, who are familiar with the term. This beach is located at 25 km from the city center. You can enjoy the afternoon and spend time at the beach, there are several dining and lodging at the Beach environment.

The Affandi Museum sonobudoyo museum.

If you want to enjoy your tour with the results of one's work of art, you can visit the Affandi Museum. Here there are a lot of results from local artist Indonesia. On display and have hundreds of collections.

Sonobudoyo Museum is one of the museum's existing since 1935, this museum is the repository of historical artifacts found in the neighborhood of Jogjakarta and Indonesia in General. The Museum is said to be the most complete museum in Indonesia with a large number of collections stored in it Yogyakarta tour.

Kotagede Yogyakarta Kraton and tours.

Kotagede is one place that has historical value, told the education place Kotagede is Senopati ancient Mataram Kingdom. In 1575 is the history of the merger of the ancient Mataram Kingdom in some areas.

Kotagede is the city with its many silversmiths, you can get a wide range of accessories made of silver in this place. Kotagede is also one of the burial place of the Royal family.

Yogyakarta special region is the monarchy, decentralized Indonesia gives privileges in full against the governance and financial systems.

That impact today's Kingdom or the Royal family is still in progress and is able to serve the community well. You can also visit here to see the contents of the Royal House and the Royal Palace are also usually open hours exclusively for residents who wanted to meet with the King.

Choose foods in Malioboro.

Malioboro is one of a very attractive tourist place in Jogjakarta, there are various kinds of food you can get here Yogyakarta tour. Lots of delicious food available from traditional foods to the food from the outside who are selling the franchise.

Beauty to Malioboro will be very pronounced for you, because it's not just food but local people also decorate a wide variety of traditional clothing at the time of serving it.

Mount Merapi.

If you love the outdoors and you're familiar with a challenge, we suggest you visit to tour Mount Merapi which is in Jogjakarta.

Mount Merapi is one of the natural attractions that are worth to you tackle very challenging terrain and various other adventure that you will get in this place.

That's a little bit of our routes or attractions that are suitable for Yogyakarta tour  visit if you would like to pay a visit to Yogyakarta. Congratulations go to Indonesia and a happy visit to Yogyakarta.

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