Lombok Tourist Maps and Transport the Complete Guide

Mandatory tourist attractions You visit Lombok, one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia is best. This is the map of lombok's tourism and transportation the complete guide. The natural beauty and cleanliness of the island and its beaches made of Lombok as one of the tourist destinations that could not be left well enough alone.

You will not willingly if your holiday does not get very interesting things, you can go to Lombok you can swim to surf and do some other things. We will guide you from here through the lombok tourist maps and transport the complete guide. Under these there are several places in the Lombok is beautiful;

Lombok Tourist Maps : Mount Rinjani is most beautiful.

Mount Rinjani is one of the highest mountain which is on the island of Lombok, a pity if you miss the mountain on this one because a lot of the rumors that say that Mount Rinjani is one of the most beautiful mountains in Asia.

Lombok's Kuta Beach.

One of the most beautiful and still a Virgin is Kuta Beach, a lot of people thought that Kuta Beach in Bali but we assert that if you are a foreigner who wants to go to Kuta Beach don't be wrong which is the difference between call and Kuta .

Located in bali's Kuta Beach while Kuta Beach is located in Lombok two are indeed not too far away but you will find different things between them.

Stomach smoothly in bangko-bangko.

If you are adventurous in surfing, accustomed to enjoy big waves on the beach you can go to bangko-bangko Lombok. It has a fairly large waves and entry categories 10 places to surf in the world. This survey has been organised by the international surfing Association.

Senggigi beach that is second to none.

Segigi beach is one of the many local tourist destination, there is no harm in too if you want to visit the beach of segigi. You will find a wide variety of beach beauty is there a blue sea coast of hygiene at the same time you can also snorkel there. Anyway follow the tourist maps lombok and transport the complete guide.

There are waterfalls on Lombok.

One of the natural attractions that can't be missed in Lombok are the presence of a waterfall, lombok did have so much natural wealth among one of them is a waterfall that is in sendang Gile north Lombok.

The eastern end of Lombok have Gili Kondo.

If you want to go to a small beach, there is a small island in East Lombok gili name Kondo. Access to it is indeed not easy but you will get something extraordinary beautiful landscapes you will get your personal property such as beaches.

the small island of Lombok.

We call this island is two three Gili Trawangan Gili meno and Gili Air, 3 small islands lining became one of the tourist destinations do not need Your question.

Its beauty can be you get through portraits, each has a different spot, you can also swim there to enjoy the natural beauty of the enchantment under the sea coral reefs and a variety of many fish.

Tanjungan Aan Lombok and gili nanggu.

Not too far from the beach of Kuta lombok you can get Tanjung Aan, located in Lombok. There are many lodging here if you want to stay overnight. The price is relatively cheap hotel not indeed but enough for you to get to a place to live here for a few days if you want to spend the night in the beautiful beaches, don't forget sampain lombok tourist maps and transport the complete guide.

As for Gili nanggu is one of the beaches on the Western Bank of the island of Lombok, the enchanting natural beauty makes gili nangu became one of the destinations most visited by foreign tourists.

The cleanliness of the Island Beach beauty and the beauty of various coral reefs. You can enjoy it all in Lombok Gili nanggu.

There are still some other beaches which you can enjoy such as Selong, Lombok, tanjung bloam Mullet, Pink Beach, gili headlights, and a few other places. All that there is on the island of Lombok and its surroundings are all very beautiful and worthy of you Lombok Tourist Maps.

A great choice of mode of transportation.

If you want to drive around a few days together with your family, choose the kind of comfortable transport of your trip so that in not too tired. Tourist destinations in Lombok is indeed access can not accessible very quickly because it at least needs some time to reach it.

You can choose the car for rent usually Rp 600,000 per 10 hours or you can use a two-wheeled vehicle like a motor at a price of Rp 50,000.

We recommend you choose the type of vehicle that is safe for You such as a car, if you want to travel with some people you can hire a car for your needs in a single 24 hour period.

Lombok Tourist Maps : Tour guides or its own way.

If you want to go to Lombok with many goals that have different places. It could be that you'd be hard-pressed to find a place of his choice is you can ask for a guide to accompany you.

Or you choose the path for yourself, if you choose your own path we recommend you could invite to rent a car with that way You will be guided by the driver of the car and at the same time will be your tour guide Lombok Tourist Maps.

That's a little map of lombok tours and transportation from our complete guide how if you want to go to Lombok and where you will be going on tour Lombok Tourist Maps. After you give a little related tip for you because it will give you a good impact for you in the future if you want to go to Lombok again.

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