How to enjoy Borobudur Tour of the wonders of the world

Borobudur Temple is one of the wonders of the world tour that existed in Indonesia. The tourist-laden religious culture and history will be in Indonesia. How to enjoy Borobudur Tour of the wonders of the world.

This temple is one of the relics of the 14th century, this temple was also inaugurated by UNESCO as one of the wonders of the world tour.

Originally the temple was discovered by Thomas Telford in 1814. Then by the Government of Indonesia restored and restyled in 1975 until 1982.

The result of expansion through cooperation between the Government and colleges bring maximum impact. Many domestic and foreign tourists come alternates.

Borobudur is located in magelang in Central Java, but for you to foreign tourists if you go to Borobudur you can through jogjakarta.

Some things you can do while you are visiting Borobudur Temple.

Walking the streets surrounding the borobudur Temple

If you are a foreign tourist who want to circle around the temple is so great, you need not worry because the elephant as your transport is provided in the rounds.

But if you want to enter the Temple area should you walk, because there will be no lot found a variety of artifacts relics of the Borobudur Temple.

A Bicycle To Get Around

If you feel the mind rides on elephants, you can select as a means to get around in the area of the temple.

The region of the Temple of Borobudur a vast will require a lot of power because if you walk can be a full day you will recently completed surrounding it.

Borobudur village if you finished visiting and surround the temple you can visit several places of tourist villages, there is a wide range of Nations who are ready to welcome the tourists.

There are a wide variety of traditional entertainment culture, you can also get some souvenirs from the villages around Borobudur.

Holiday password along with family there are tools that are specifically designed to provide transportation along the train tracks, with the rabbits.

The train made this rabbit aims to that of a group if you want to run simultaneously. Your Brother could surround the temple using train rabbits with your family.

Culinary tour of Magelang at a certain point you can get a wide variety of dishes around Borobudur Temple. You can get some special food like yeast and several huts tongseng cereal other delicious.

You can use and enjoy the culinary tour that is in the neighborhood of the temple.

Enjoy the sunrise over the Temple to enjoy the Sunrise not only can be enjoyed on the beach, if you pay a visit to Borobudur Temple, you can also enjoy the sunrise at the time of the morning.

You will get a beautiful view because if you enjoy the sunrise over Borobudur Temple, it means you are in a State of 400 meters above sea level.

At the time of the morning you can get a beautiful Sun behind the mountains around the temple.

Similarly, if you want a beautiful afternoon atmosphere, you can spend time in the Temple because you will get a very beautiful afternoon atmosphere enjoying the sunset on top of Borobudur Temple.

That's a little information on how to enjoy the atmosphere at the temple, natural beauty and cultural heritage will not be forgotten if you visit Borobudur Temple survived the tour.

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