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Sharjah National Hotels Job Vacancies 2023: A Comprehensive Guide to Landing a Role as Assistant Security Manager

Sharjah National Hotels Job Vacancies 2023: A Comprehensive Guide to Landing a Role as Assistant Security Manager

The hospitality industry is a cornerstone of the global economy, and within it, the role of security is pivotal. Ensuring the safety of guests and staff is a responsibility that cannot be overstated. Sharjah National Hotels is currently offering a golden opportunity to fill the position of Assistant Security Manager for their 2023 roster. With a lineage of providing top-notch service and a focus on guest safety, a role here is not just a job but a career filled with potential for growth.

Job Requirements and Qualifications

Experience Matters
Sharjah National Hotels places a high value on experience, especially in the field of security. The ideal candidate should have at least one year of experience in the hotel industry. The reason behind this is simple; a hotel environment is a complex ecosystem with a multitude of factors to consider. From safeguarding guest rooms to ensuring the safety of communal areas, the experience you bring to the table will help you adapt to the various situations that may arise.

Skillset: Planning and Enforcement
Good planning is the bedrock of effective security. This role demands a proactive approach in establishing and enforcing security measures. Whether it is planning the patrol routes or setting up CCTV cameras, each decision contributes to the overall security landscape of the hotel. Experience in planning and executing these measures is, therefore, an essential qualification.

Team Management
Being an Assistant Security Manager is not a solo endeavor. The role involves managing and motivating a team of security personnel to ensure seamless operation. Excellent leadership and communication skills are a must, as a cohesive team is more effective in tackling any security issues that may arise.

Mandatory Certifications
Sharjah National Hotels is committed to adhering to the highest standards of safety. As a result, the candidate must have certificates in security, fire safety, first aid, and other relevant qualifications. This not only ensures the candidate's credibility but also establishes a baseline competence for the role.

Local Availability
Although not a strict requirement, locally available candidates are preferred. Being familiar with the local landscape offers an edge when it comes to quick decision-making and implementation of security measures.

How to Apply

To seize this opportunity, all you need to do is send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to Make sure your CV highlights all relevant experience, skills, and certifications to stand out in the selection process.

A job at Sharjah National Hotels as an Assistant Security Manager offers not just a paycheck, but a fulfilling career in an industry that values your skills and contributions. It is an opening that demands specialized qualifications and offers rewards that go beyond the financial aspect.

So if you meet the requirements and are eager to contribute to a safer and more secure hotel environment, this could very well be the role you've been looking for. Apply today and take the first step toward a rewarding career in hotel security.

Take this chance to secure your future while ensuring the safety of others.

📆 Last Updated On: 18th September 2023
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