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BLU DUBAI Dance & Night Club Careers and Jobs Opportunities

BLU DUBAI Dance & Night Club Careers and Jobs Opportunities

An unbridled celebration of sights, sounds, scenes and forms, BLU DUBAI Dance & Night Club offers the alluring versatility of a VIP experience in one terraced venue.

With state-of-the-art spaces and areas, BLU DUBAI Dance & Night Club delivers dynamic visual and lighting elements, a cleverly curated combination of leading and up-and-coming DJs and internationally renowned artists.


About BLU DUBAI Dance & Night Club Careers Opportunity:

Company name: BLU DUBAI Dance & Night Club
Benefits: Competitive Benefits
Education: Equivalent degree/diploma holders
Experience: Minimum 1-2 Years' Experience
Job Location: Jobs In Dubai
Nationality: Open
Salary: Discuss during an interview

Jobs Listings:

BLU DUBAI Dance & Night Club looking for hotel or resort operation team, with pre Opening experience.

  1. Chief Engineer
  2. Executive chef
  3. IT Manger
  4. Operation or Resort manager
  5. Purchase manger

How to apply:

Forward your resume at:


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Best Of Luck

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