EMIRATES Flight Catering (EKFC), holding a Recruitment Open Day in Fujairah 2022

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Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Emirates Flight Catering Company is the largest and most modern company in the world in the field of airline catering management. It's not easy to manage airline food and distribute it to the passenger's dining table.

Hundreds of thousands of meals are prepared by each airport. Processed to international standards with quality materials. Likewise with Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) Dubai which provides hundreds of thousands of meals every day for various airlines.

Now EKFC is able to produce more than 115,000 menus every day. Even this number makes EKFC called the largest caterer in the world. You can imagine how busy the EKFC kitchen is!

All shipments and receipts of goods will go through an X-ray scanner. Security is strictly maintained and assisted by the Dubai Police. Utensils will be collected in storage (storage room), including plates, spoons, forks, trays. The company does not provide storage for fresh food. Fresh food will be directly managed in the kitchen.

Today, EMIRATES Flight Catering (EKFC), a company that is one of the largest catering operations in the world, has successfully deployed state-of-the-art solar systems across its locations.

The move is expected to result in a reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions of three million kilograms. What they are doing is part of EKFC's ongoing investment in infrastructure to improve resource efficiency.

About Jobs Opportunities:

If you currently have an interest in joining and starting a career with one of the largest catering companies in the world which offers a number of benefits including:

  • Transportation,
  • Accommodation, and
  • 2 meals on duty,

Then this is a very fitting moment and you should never miss to join the Recruitment Open Day which will be held at:

Venue: (The location map is available in the following link - Novotel Fujairah, Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdullah Road, Fujairah, UAE,).
Time: On Tuesday 5 July 2022, 9am - 2pm.
EMIRATES Flight Catering (EKFC) has great expectations of being able to cooperate and hire:

  1. Profesional F&B Service,
  2. Commis Chefs,
  3. Dishwasher, and
  4. Technicians

All candidates who are interested in joining are required to have relevant work experience and have the ability to communicate well in English.

What do you bring when you join the Recruitment Open Day EMIRATES Flight Catering (EKFC)?

Candidates are expected to bring

  • Copy of passport,
  • Copy of valid visa, and
  • Your latest CV



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