Where to Eat in Sanur Bali You Must Visit

Bali is one of the many tourist destinations visited by local and foreign tourists, there are many places to which it was travelling and spending time. There is a delicious place to eat in Sanur you need to try, sanur is one of the places located in Bali, Where to eat in Sanur Bali.

If you get bored with a wide variety of recipes that are there in the hotel or in the cafe, you can try a variety of traditional dishes that are scattered throughout the region. Sanur is one of the very interesting tourist destinations, a wide variety of performances, nature, and food being the main reason.

There are places to eat tasty sanur Bali, under the following we present some of the traditional dining room that you can try on and you feel.

10 Tasty Places to Eat in Sanur Bali

Warung Mak Beng.
Warung Mak Peng is one of the stalls in Sanur that stood since 1941, has a distinctive cuisine that is sub, there are many different types of food that are served here, you can choose her special food that is fried fish and fish soup which is very delicious, Chairman of food it is a type of food that is in the legendary Sanur.

You can order this meal with a serving of standard or with the police with additional rice If you want to try foods such as Indonesia, have you guys don't like the rice you can choose another.

Warung babi guling.
If you like the kind of food that is made from pork, you can try the pig stalls guling Sanur. Stalls located on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai Sanur has a great brand Board. So when you are looking for these stalls will not be too difficult to stall is located at the intersection of McD of Sanur. There are also other types of food that are sold here as pork rinds crackers that you can try.

Rice lawar kodi.
Warung nasi lawar kodi is located in Sanur, sekuta stall is located a little sign at the small alleys. This stalls a little difficult Indeed sought but the stall has its own characteristics that is always crowded at the time of the evening. You can try specialties of Bali, which is always open at night and always be the best choice when you are hungry at night.

Simple food stall.
It is one of modest food stall warung which became the destination of many tourists, there are many different types of cuisine. You can choose one of the signature dishes at simple stalls with rossi big enough you can select sub simple stall eat in sanur bali.

Chicken Rice mak Wati.
If you like waking up in the morning and feels like to eat chicken rice, mak Weti is the option most suitable for you. These stalls are always open in the morning, in general this stall was closed at 10.00 in the morning because it is usually the food is up at 10.00. The stall is located at Jalan Segara Ayu is also adjacent to the road leading to the beach Immediately.

Javanese Food Stalls Moro Seneng.
If you want to try Javanese food, you could try the Java stalls Moro Seneng wear range of food served in simple Java specialties here are tasty. Many foreign tourists who ate here in general because of his Ministry and the stall is always open 24 hours. You don't have to worry if visiting Sanur because Java stalls Moro Seneng one stalls that can become Your Prime when you're hungry.

Parahyangan Stalls.
If you ever go to West Java, you will not be unfamiliar with the typical menu of Parahyangan. In Sanur Bali, also you can find the stalls of Parahyangan, there are a wide variety of foods made from vegetables, fried rice, tongseng goats. and others. There are many many types of cuisine in West Java are sold in stalls parahyangan.

Warung sate Bu Hajj.
The stall is located right on the street there is the name Segara Ayu warung sate Haji, Bu if you want to enjoy a variety of halal dishes You can get into Bu sate Haji stalls. The stall is located at Jalan Segara Ayu one direction towards the segara Village stall is located on the left side of the road. You can choose a variety of the menu such as chicken satay Satay mutton and goat, gule stalls are usually healthy at the time of day and become the ultimate choice to the residents of Bali or the people who work around Sanur.

Warung Bambu.
If you like with food made from fish here place, there are fish soup and fried fish. Food stall adjacent to the Satay stalls Bu Haji have a distinctive flavor, you can get a delicious fish dish was dry and savory eat in sanur bali.

Sindu Market.
If you are still not satisfied with our wide range of options at the top, there is a place that became the center of a meal in Sanur. Sindu market at the time of the evening became one of the largest food court in bali. You can select a wide variety of traditional specialities, a wide variety of typical foods and snacks sold in markets Indonesia Sindu. For the exact time of your visit to the food court, you can visit from 18.00 o'clock, that's when the market has already started to open and Sindu became the largest hawker centre and eat in sanur bali.

That's a bit of us some place you need to try if you visit Sanur Bali, many places to eat in Sanur Bali you need to visit. Sightseeing in Bali are not just visiting beautiful natural food is also worth a destination in your happy travelling.

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