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Travel to Bali During The Month of Ramadan While Fasting

If you are a muslim, then want to tour at the time of Ramadan. how travel to bali during the month of Ramadan, you don't have to worry about travel to Bali during Ramadan remains attractive. Rather than thinking hard want time of the month where Ramadhan if you have time off.

Travel to Bali during the month of Ramadan will still be interesting if you determine your trip exactly. There is a need to consider the location and some of the best routes in order to make your trip during the month of Ramadhan in Bali remain interesting and you get the cash could be recalled during your travel in Bali.

There are several things you can do when you travel to Bali during the month of Ramadan. There are a variety of attractions that you can visit that did not need to spend a lot of effort so that you still get an interesting vacation when the month of Ramadan.

Below here you can follow our journey interesting tips from how to spend holidays in Bali during the month of Ramadan. Travel to bali during the month of Ramadan.

The perfect trip to bali during the month of Ramadan


You could spend a lot of time with the way fishing is certainly not going to spend a lot of effort, spending time with fishing Entities are not felt until you wait for the time of breaking the fast, travel to bali during the month of ramadan.

If you want to go fishing in Bali you can go to some places, tanjung Benoa can become one of the tourist destinations of fishing at the time of Ramadan. Tanjung Benoa fishing activities can be very attractive because it does not need to spend a lot of energy.

The village of Garland found in Denpasar, you can rent a wooden boat that can accommodate 2 to 4 people and is sail towards 250 so you can get an exciting sport for fishing. Photos of these places you can get a very interesting fishing places.

Enjoy nature in Ubud

One way to spend your time during your trip to Bali in Ramadan you can visit Ubud. You will get a beautiful view of the countryside, green and beautiful.

The word area of Ubud rice field nature tour packages you can visit, there are also some places for children to swim and spend time during the day.

Performances of Balinese culture

The place is located in Denpasar city you will find art center, it is the one place that is managed by a young child of Denpasar. You can get a performance culture in place at each afternoon conducted by local managers.

Cultural performances will be very nice to spend some time in the afternoon by the time the month of Ramadan in Bali. In addition to the performing arts there is also a museum that can be visited there is a wide range of heritage. While travel to bali during the month of ramadan, The Museum as a central storage of the heritage can be the right choice to spend a vacation during my trip to Bali in the month of Ramadan.

Choose halal food

For those of you who are religiously ilsam need not worry to choose food that is halal when you travel to Bali the month of Ramadan. There are several places you can choose halal and remain good.

There are several places that you can go to choose a place that serves halal food in Bali. Some of the following places can be 7 to get halal food.

Chicken Rice Bu mangku, Nasi ayam kedewatan Bu mangku. Chicken Rice is located in Ubud, you can get halal food here with traditional Balinese dishes.

Bebek bengil

Bebek bengil duck crispy koreng is a pioneer in Bali, you can get this menu in nusa Dua. This place serves a variety of dishes made from duck. Interesting atmosphere surrounded by trees and placed on the gazebo. You can spend time breaking the fast and packed in the Gazebo that is in Nusa Dua bengil duck.

Oki Mother chicken rice

Located not too far from bengil duck is still located in Nusa Dua Bali. You can get Oki Mother chicken rice, served with traditional Balinese specialties. You can order a wide variety of flavors, spicy sambal or very spicy.

Teba Cafe At Jimbaran

At this place is located in the Jimbaran area you can get a variety of seafood menu, solid Teba Jimbaran Cafe you can get a wide variety of dishes that are made from a wide variety of spices.

Dish on caffeine as a whole you will get a lot of food prepared from fish and other marine habitat. If you want to eat here we recommend that you book a table in advance, because usually in the afternoon this place will already be full of visitors for breaking the fast.

It's our little Ji to enjoy a travel to bali during the month of Ramadan. You can still enjoy the holidays in the month Romadan.

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