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Travel Guides to Lombok at the end of the year

On holiday to Lombok Island at the end of the year, the island of Lombok is one of the island that has many visitors lately here travel guides to lombok.

There are many places in Indonesia that can be used as a tourist destination, but one that can not be left of course Lombok Island.

Lombok is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, you can enjoy the culinary tour, like a very nice craft you can get songket.

If you are visiting Lombok Island you are not worried because the hotel or residence you can choose it. Many hotels are available at a fairly cheap price. You can choose the type of room for a simple, or maybe with a big family and entourage travel guides to lombok.

travel guides to lombok

Remember when Travel Guide to Lombok

The most important thing you need to remember is when you have to go home and get out of Lombok due to have to leave in the morning because at that time the plane will depart.

For transportation you can use plane tickets, from the airport you can take a taxi to the hotel. On average, you pay Rp.100.000 to Rp150.000 taxi to the hotel.

One that can not be forgotten when you go to Lombok is a culinary food that you can choose, one of which is taliwang chicken travel guides to lombok enchant years.

Dish of lombok food

Taliwang chicken is one of the typical foods in Lombok and you should taste it, according to the local chicken is one of the most delicious dishes. Sometimes maybe the taste of people abroad not suitable because it does not want these tastes very subjective.

Tourist attractions in Lombok
Tourist attractions in Lombok certainly be one of the main destinations, there is Senggigi Island and there is also Gili Trawangan Island.

A place like Kuta and Tanjung Ann. For tariffs on transportation costs on the island of Lombok is not too expensive you can pay in a way package complete travel guides to lombok.

There are many word traveling packages to several places. Thus, you can get a relatively very cheap price.

Driving things, do not worry because the drivers and the Turks are getting approval from the local government. Local government is quite serious in managing supporting facilities such as related transportation and eating places.

Have you visited several places in Lombok, when you go home do not forget to buy souvenirs on travel guides to lombok.

Many souvenirs that you buy as gifts for family at home. There is a craft there songket and there is dry food travel guides to lombok.

You can buy souvenirs at large malls, or buy in traditional markets that are usually there close to tourist attractions.

Those are the things you can do there, the variety of natural beauty and the food. At once you can also buy souvenirs of people at home good trip to Lombok, Travel Guides to Lombok.

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