Raja Ampat Papua Best Natural Maritime Tourism

Raja Ampat is one of the places in papua New Guinea, located in eastern part of Indonesia. Many tourists come to the bee, local attractions and the beach and mountains Raja Ampat Papua best natural maritime tourism.

For now the raja Ampat is still one of the exotic tourist destinations the natural beauty, richness of the sea coast and mountains.

The sea coast and mountains became a key that could not be confirmed from the beauty of Raja Ampat, everything becomes unity an uncontested natural beauty.

But not only is it Raja Ampat today already more known foreign opponents even have started many arrive. Raja Ampat is actually a small part of a very beautiful with Papua has a community seeraja the necessities of life from the sea by becoming a fisherman.

Raja Ampat Papua Best Natural Maritime with a paradise world.

Natural wealth belonging to Raja Ampat of local government is released there are 540 types of hard corals, Coral 700 types of mollusks. Raja Ampat waters dominated by many Corals become important marine habitats to grow much at all.

There are many advantages of Raja Ampat beauty you can listen some of which we present below the following:

1. Natural resources and habitats of the sea

Natural resources and habitats of the sea from the beauty that appears outside of a very clearly seen in Raja Ampat turns not run out there, h Goldstone enters into the waters of Raja Ampat you will find lots of coral reefs and is noted as the most numerous types of coral reefs in the world.

Marine habitats are scattered in the waters of Raja Ampat is one incredible miracle. There are many different kinds of fish that are in the waters of Raja Ampat of government data released there are some fish such as barracuda, tuna and Shark Reef Bird Wilson red bird-birds Kaskus and variegated orchid.

From a variety of land and sea life his raja Ampat are becoming tourist destinations nature no doubt but not complete there is again taken which we will pass on why Raja Ampat Papua best natural maritime tourism.

2. The hidden wealth

The hidden wealth of Raja Ampat is not merely the natural wealth and the sea there are historical tours around the Raja Ampat.

From the release issued by the Government at the very least the Government has discovered how former aircraft damaged relics of World War II.

3. Community and cultural performances 

Society and culture performances like most citizens of Indonesia Society Raja Ampat also have hospitality. Multicultural and multi religious becomes part and parcel.

Religious and cultural background does not then make the Raja Ampat area becomes conflicted, but rather as a whole surrounding society is able to show friendliness and harmonisme their lives.

If you're there by a certain time then it will get interesting cultural performances are usually there are some performances that are presented as distilled Trommel Nautical festival attractions and others.

4. Place exotic

Souvenirs and food this is the last section which we will serve an exotic place surely raja Ampat became tourist destinations with unspoilt natural beauty.

There are many beaches in Raja Ampat environment you can find the beach of pantun, i love you hurt and beach hours.

The beauty of nature will be complete if you can enjoy it together with the resulting from natural resources Raja Ampat Papua best natural maritime.

There are many sweet foods-ubian could eat there you can get sweet sweet with condiment that is delicious. There are also foods that taste good food made from chicken I forgot his name.

In the section on arts and cultural performances, a lot of interesting places that you can make the object as a picture, you can also swim and enjoy the beauty that is in the sea.

On the way to Raja Ampat if starting from the city center usually would travel up to 2 days indeed for transportation is still the main reason Raja Ampat Papua best natural maritime.

So the future of transportation still has to be fixed as well if you want to pay a visit to the Raja Ampat make sure you get a good tour guide so that in the course of your stay comfortable and get a nice Welcome Ministry visit to raja Ampat.

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